Story of the Hot Sauce Band

From the womb to the stage

The Hot Sauce Band performs multi-generational popular music with a unique spicy flair, all under the creative guidance of front man and maestro David Aman.

David grew up in Italy and Spain studying Spanish guitar. A lover of classical Baroque music, he has performed professionally  throughout Europe. Moving to Texas where he continued his musical career had him fall in love with Latin music of all types. David now resides in Delaware, USA,  thrilling East Coast audiences with engaging Hot Sauce Band performances 🔥

What is the sound like? Imagine the music of Herb Alpert, Gipsy Kings, Sergio Mendes, and Spaghetti Western (Clint Eastwood) Movies. The instrumentation is also novel and unique- Marimba, Castanets, Horns, Nylon String Flamenco Guitars, and Melodica.

The Hot Sauce Band performs at live music venues, corporate and private events, house concerts, weddings, and for any occasion where fun is on the menu.  "We bring the party!"

Band Members

🔥The Core of the Hot Sauce Band🔥

David Aman

Maestro, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Jim Miller

Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Melodica, Vocals

Jimmy Davis

Guitar virtuoso, Mandolin, Vocals

Mike Shockley

Marimba man, Percussion, Vocals

...and  Mike Suplee  📢⚔🥁
Auxiliary Percussionist, Mischief Maker